The Whole Point

November 9, 2012 by Rieshy

If you don't eat dinner at a table with your children you are missing something.  All the years of dirty diapers, croup, temper tantrums and gum stuck in hair are eventually rewarded... around the dining table.

At lunch today on asking if anyone had heard anything more about Ireland's voting to decide whether to leave Great Britain I was met with blank stares.  Because well, Ireland isn't involved- it's Scotland. Close enough, eh?

Which prompted my husband to mention Quebec's long desire to leave Canada at which my 13 year old pipped in, "Where will they go?"

We are slow, it took us a few minutes to realize she was kidding.

Then we all quacked a bit trying to say Quebecois properly.  Though none of us would know for sure- even though I used to live in Canada.  All I remember is that if you are not of French-Canadian descent it is prohibited for you to say the term and have it deemed properly pronounced.

What's the mood in Scotland?  How do you pronounce Quebecois?  I don't know.  The point is- eating with family is precious.



CristyLynn said...

I totally agree! Thankfully, our dinner time has become much more entertaining as of late. :)

CristyLynn said...

Ok, so I'm still laughing about your family sitting around the table trying different ways to say Quebecois. It seems like something we would do, and it makes me smile.

Unknown said...

I wonder if my family dinners will ever sound so sophisticated. Now all we do is deflect poop conversation.

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