Dancing at the Exit

October 21, 2016 by Rieshy


Is it irony that we were at the E.R. two nights ago after my recent Middle of the Night post?
I don't thinks so.  It's just life.

Life is pretty awesome. 
And easy to miss.
Don't miss it.

I love that scene in the old Parenthood movie with Steve Martin when life is likened to a roller coaster ride.  

This little guy scared us all with a seizure.  I learned a new medical term.  Benign Rolandic.  Anything beginning with benign is a good start.

Outside our children's hospital there is a statue of children dancing in a circle with a gap left.  The gap has often troubled me.  A missing child?  Ominous symbolism outside an E.R.  But the brass statue has two, shiny outstretched hands, rubbed free of patina; proof that children instinctively know something adults often forget.  

They know to reach out, grab hold,
and join the dance.

Joining the dance with Psalm 150.


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