Dojo Lego Moats

October 19, 2016 by Rieshy

I've read a few articles on the importance of developing mat awareness while grappling.

Yesterday, while drilling BJJ at a friend's house, who is on maternity leave from the dojo, I realized that we have accidentally found the perfect way to fine tune the skill.  Toys.

Yes, toys.

In addition to her newborn, my drilling partner has an almost 3 year old who plays around our bodies as we drill; sometimes adding dropped action figure toys to the mix.

You do not want to be elevator swept, or elevator sweep your partner, onto a 2 inch tall Mighty Morphing Power Ranger doll.

So, pesky students who don't/won't pay attention to where other students are working?  Legos.  Throw a handful onto the mats.


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