Doing Slow

December 12, 2010 by Rieshy

As I was "Power Dressing*" the Littles for church this morning I realized that Jack wasn't quite right.  I never thought I'd appreciate drool or annoyingly pitched crying.  But when his energy reserves are low it's a kind of early warning signal to S L O W D O W N.

Very Useful. 

Sooo... this morning he and I stayed home from church to rest and relax.  I nixed the movie watching ideas he had, so what to do?

I got caught up on laundry, got bread kneaded and rising for lunch, picked up the house.  Jack played with a police station garage on his bed.  Then he tried once again to convince me that he would feel better faster if he watched a movie.

And then, Jack taught me about photo both.  Yes.  My 4 year old showed me how to use photo both. 

I saw a series of photos and movies various children had made.  I was in the background of many.  Hmmm.  Note to self- that's what that beeping noise that sounds like a truck backing up is.  Must be more aware in the future. 

Perhaps some day I'll even be photographed while wearing makeup. 

Some day.

So, some people have Snow Days, we have Slow Days.  Even without movies they can be precious.

*Power Dressing:  Swooping through the house splashing coffee while dressed in a bathrobe after waking up late.  As you swoop you yank older teens by the ankles to wake them, while throwing cereal boxes and bowls on the table and commanding everyone to-  Eat and Get Dressed, Now!!!! 

Of course the definition would be incomplete without adding that during Power Dressing someone has always lost either a shoe or a sock or has outgrown their pants.  Crying generally ensues while you self-flagellate for not laying everyone's clothes out the evening before. 


CristyLynn said...

Power dressing sounds very familiar. Thanks for giving me a name for what we do on Sunday mornings, or therapy mornings, or any morning we have to go somewhere for that matter.
Hope Jack feels better soon!

катиа Девушка said...

Someone has ALWAYS outgrown his or her pants.
Power dressing would not be complete without it.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all well. I love this term. You could say I do power brushing. My dentist wants me to brush for 4 minutes so I walk around with my electric toothbrush and do things one handed.

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