Endurance Tests and Torture

December 7, 2010 by Rieshy

Did anyone else grow up in the household of a seamstress?  If so do you remember the torture of being dragged to the fabric store?

The smell of dust and sizing.

The unutterable boredom of being forced to sit still at a slanted table, "keeping my hands to myself and Not Running Around."  Ugghhh.

The snarling women at the cutting counter.

The bejillions of years the process of picking out patterns and fabric entailed.  The odd fact that everyone in the store flipping through the Vogue pattern books was generally poorly dressed.

Of course, like mother like daughter;  I carried on the fine tradition of Textile-Torture.

It's good for kids.  It builds character.  My children have many memories.

Though, I added a twist- yarn stores....

Insert evil laughter.

Never will you find a venue that appreciates even a well-behaved child less.  Never will you find a place more able to make time warp into negative progression.  Never will you find a place more likely to be inhabited by at least one very angry and snarky woman.

Okay, I admit it.  I'm too afraid of snarky women myself to spend much time in yarn stores, and I've never taken more than one of my children at a time into one, so, instead I troll the internet looking for that perfect sweater pattern.

Talk about time going into negative progression.

Someone save me, save my children... any cardigans ideas for 6 stitches to the inch?

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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! I have always wondered why the ladies at the cutting counter are so snippy!
NO, but seriously, why are they so cranky. They always make me feel like a moron.

Rieshy said...

I don't know why they are so cranky- maybe the help wanted ads read, "Wanted: cutting personality for divisive product-management."

lesliel said...

Can I "like" your comment?!

My mom used to take me to mill remnant stores - there was something about them that gave me an instant headache....but I loved the clothes she made me. Unfortunately, I did not sew any clothes for my poor deprived children - so no trips to the fabric store for them....I did "commando" sewing - the backdrop for the marching band show, the fabric cover for the gypsy wagon for Carmen....those were the days....

CristyLynn said...

I was the weirdo that actually enjoyed those trips to the fabric store. My son on the other hand is quite normal. :)
You should come to our fabric store in Jackson where the cutting table ladies are a hoot! We have a little party when we go.

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