When It Doesn't Feel Like Friday

December 3, 2010 by Rieshy

This was a week of multiple Mondays.  Luckily I think my family still loves me... mostly.
I'm baking cookies as I type, that should help with some love.

So to Feel Good this Friday with the Girl Nextstore I'll relate some sage and enriching advice from my youngest son.  Bear in mind that he is the youngest of 4 brothers, all of whom live to wrestle.  It's much like mothering a litter of puppies.  Except boys eat a bit tidier.  A bit.

The scene:  6:00 a.m. snuggling with my 3 year old.  He's wearing jammies and weight-lifting gloves.

"Momma, I'm wearing a glob."

"Why yes, you are," though I don't pretend to understand why.

"Momma, I can punch with it.  I can punch with my other fist too."
 Obligatory nod from me.

"Momma, I can punch with this foot and with this other foot."  More mother nods.

"I can punch with this knee, and this knee.  I can punch with this elbow and this elbow."  He points to each elbow in turn, both of which are so cute and round that I want to kiss them.  It's hard to imagine them as the lethal martial arts weapons that he is obviously assuming them to be.

"We can punch, but," and here my son's voice changes to a deeper and more commanding tone, "We May Not Throw Things In The House!"

So right he is,  Friday Feel Good in the form of Wisdom from an experienced three year old.

If you choose to eschew wisdom but perhaps prefer to collect music with which to torture your spouse:  My husband discovered this wonderful song and has been playing it whenever the family least expects it.  Now you can too...



dollycas aka Lori said...

LOVE THE VIDEO!! Your youngest and my grandson are the same age, his lives here with his mom and I also have 4 kids so I can truly relate. They are such fun at that age. I wish my youngest was still 3, he turned 18 on Monday and I hate it. They all grew up too fast!!

lesliel said...

Here is one for you to share with Greg, if he's not shared it with you already - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glGhmqOYqNA

Rieshy said...

That's fabulous Leslie!!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute. I love it when Sarah tells our rules back to me.

So was that a freudian slip, or do you think I have too many graphics on my site? Is it too junky?

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