Random Contrariness

December 8, 2010 by Rieshy

Our college aged- commuting son is mostly a figment of my imagination. Especially during this ramp-up time leading to finals.   He leaves the house before most of the family is up and returns most days after most of the family is asleep.

I miss him.

He has a month off after finals.  He takes up a lot of space.  He eats a lot.  He has a lot of energy.  He makes his little brothers wind-up like crazed remote-control cars.  

I'll miss missing him.

I love Winter.  It's been cold for 2 weeks.  I'm ready for Spring.


Sigh.  Excluding the Grinch I'm feel like the only one alive that does not really enjoy the Christmas season.  Mostly I keep my mouth shut.

Mostly,  I just hope to live through to January without squashing everyone else's joy.

My husband told me to write up a list of things that I need accomplished around the house and yard and give it to our oldest son during his break.  Hmmmm.... my husband is brilliant.  The little brothers (a.k.a. crazed remote control cars) adore helping Big Brother. 

I'll miss missing missing my son?

Random contrariness- all a sign of how this world is not the destination.  Which, of course, is why Christmas is so precious.


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