March 9, 2011 by Rieshy

Last week I bought toddler scissors for my 3 year old so we could, "work on fine motor skills."

Yesterday, I posted about not being sleep deprived. 
Somewhat ironically, while I was sleeping in to the excessively late hour of 6:14 a.m. (thus practicing sleep non-deprivation) my 3 year old was awake and on the loose.

When my 16 year old stumbled into the dining room and patted him on the head he announced, "I did not cut my hair."  I guess he didn't think that being caught in possession of the scissors would be used as evidence against him.

The look was... The Mange.

Clippers to the ready... He's now sporting an uneven Southern buzz cut of Summertime, a few months early.
No matter what- he's always comes out on top.

The hair was easy to fix. Now, I need to work less on motor skills and more on truthfulness...  or at least work on teaching him to sleep in.



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Unknown said...

your life is so exciting...before 8 a.m. even!

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