Virus In Verse

March 22, 2011 by Rieshy

Sunday night,
Long story, short story?

Two Littles taken ill.
Scarey drives and ambulance rides,
16 year old daughter/super hero.

My toddler twosome in green pajamas.
Peas in a pod,
matching hospital beds side by side.

Fods-o-rama, metabolic drama.

Prayer. Coffee.
Friends bearing burdens and
friends bearing chocolate.

New room, larger beds.
Quiet hum and distant beeps lulls to sleep.
Held in God's hands



Unknown said...

praying for your family, my friend.

Cupcake's Mama said...

Hope your little ones get better soon!

Dana K said...

Ugh. Thoughts & prayers to you & your family. I hope they get well soon.

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