March 26, 2011 by Rieshy

My almost 5 year old and I met a very sweet woman who happens to be a Little Person. She chatted with my 5 year old one morning and we have since waved to her every day of my son's current hospitalization.

I was surprised my son did not say much about her until- "Mom, that Little Lady kind of scares me." I asked why, assuming it was because she is under 3 feet tall. "Because her voice is so high sounding," he explained. Which just proved to me for the 500th time that when you think you know what another human is thinking, you're probably wrong.

We had a brief discussion about how her voice sounded odd to him because some parts of her body don't work quite right but that she's smart and nice and has a family that loves her and a job she loves...

A body that has parts that doesn't work quite right is something my son can relate to.

Later, after my son relapsed and had a bout of low-budget-horror-movie-puking he was lying on his back obviously troubled. "Mom, did that nice Little Lady's legs not grow because she threw up too much?"

Funny how self-centered fear tends to be. I know most of My thoughts have all been on My family this week, My fears.

We are called to worship God even through trials. Christian worship, the antithesis of self and the prescription for fear.

My son's I.V. pump just started beeping an alert, making me jump. Time to hum my favorite hymn, "Oh Lord My God".



Dana K said...

(((HUGS))) y'all are in my thoughts & prayers

Rieshy said...

Thanks Dana!

Keep On, Keepin On- MCADD chronicles, plus some other stuff said...

My one month old son was diagnosed with MCADD. I have been reading through your blog trying to catch up on your story. Any advice for a new FOD momma? I go through stages where I am fine then I am terrified.

Rieshy said...

Keep On: Have you gone to

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