Dumb and Scary

July 8, 2011 by Rieshy

Dumb, then Scary.

I picked a summer vacation morning to repaint interior trim.
It must have been the sugar rush from the cinnamon rolls my son baked for breakfast.

Who paints interior trim when 5 children are home?
Me on sugar. Dumb.

So now?  Now I sit and bellow, "OUT", every time one of my poor children tries to poke their head in the door.

I'm a Gorgon, wild hair and all, frightening my children.
Can I compare pristine white trim to Pegasus leaping out of my neck?  I'm floundering here.

So I'm stuck with Scary.  For at least another hour, until the trim dries.



CB said...

I do that too - Paint in the summer. Don't know why? Ha Ha

Good luck

Rieshy said...

Cherie- at least the paint dries quickly:)

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