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July 6, 2011 by Rieshy

I've been reading a lot of young adult fiction this summer.  It's interesting, in an eye opening sort of way.  Some of the books have been good, some.... not.

I found it interesting that under all that goth cover-art one of the predominant themes is Love.  And what love is.  And how you get love.  And how you show love.

Yesterday, my car radio was on a pop station.  I don't know the artist- but he was singing that he loved so true that he'd take a bullet, catch a grenade, yada yada for his woman.

I'm 44.  That doesn't impress me.  Adrenaline-rushed moments are gone in seconds.

So as a service announcement for my teen daughters I'd like someone to write a song with the following elements;

I love you so much that I get out of bed today, for what feels like the 5th millionth time, to go work all day, even when no one recognizes my brilliance.

I love you so much that when you have a stomach virus I'll clean the bathroom afterwards while you sleep.

I love you so much that when I look at you I see the you I love, not the spit-up on your shoulder, bad hair cut or the 20 extra years.

I love you so much that when life gets slow and long and hard, I take your hand to go for a walk.

"Wuv, twue wuv wiww fowwow you fowevah."
-The Princess Bride

Sure, superhuman abilities, a mysterious past and unlimited funds might be nice, but being human is harder than that.  Love is what you do all day, everyday, even without the aid of adrenaline.



Melanie said...

Marvelous post. I reposted on my FB. Thanks so much for your insights.

CB said...

This post is sensational and SO true!! Love is so much more than the big things it is all the little things! You said it all so well for all of us moms.

Have a wonderful day!

Felicity said...


pattihatescancer said...

Oh so very true! Thanks Susan! (and I do love the PB quote)

Lezlae said...

There's an old Clint Black song that I've always liked. The title is Something that We Do. It talks about love being more than just some words, but that it is "something that we do."

Unknown said...

i tried to tell you earlier, but my comment would not go through: THIS is AMAZING and hilarious. And I wuv you fowevah for the Princess Bride quote. You rock my socks.

Janie Fox said...

I love this post!

Unknown said...


Nancy said...

Do I have to admit that I actually know what grenade-catching song you're talking about? This is great stuff. Interesting observation about all the goth teen fiction, too.

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