Heat and Disautonia

July 14, 2011 by Rieshy

Disautonia? Just another word for why I wish I could pull a Madeleine L'Engle in The Wind in The Door, and send someone in to give my son's mitochondria a good talking to.

A lot of FOD kids are heat intolerant. Not as in, gee, this heat makes me hot and cranky but as in, hmmm, my body is shutting down important functions starting with digestion in order to conserve energy.

We live in Tennessee. It's stinking hot. The humidity is absurd. My 5 year old started showing signs of heat exhaustion Monday, while he was INSIDE. He was inside because it was too hot to go to the pool.

He's fine. I will be fine. I'm just angry. Angry at a faceless bunch of cells that are not doing their jobs.

I can relate the sentiment from Wives And Daughters, "I do try to say, God’s will be done, sir,” said the Squire, looking up at Mr. Gibson for the first time, and speaking with more life in his voice; “but it’s harder to be resigned than happy people think."
— Elizabeth Gaskell

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Cupcake's Mama said...

I'm so sorry! It must be so frustrating. Hope y'all get a cold front soon, even a few degrees make a big difference

Unknown said...

susan I just adore you, and i get frustrated for you when I hear these stories. I'll be praying for you and yours tonight.

Your "faceless bunch of cells" comment made me think of Osmosis Jones. Have you seen that cartoon? It's sort of gross, but interesting, and I always want to eat a carrot after watching it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, my Mcad-er is just 3.5 months old and I worry about the heat too. I'm already planning our future vacations in September/October!

Rieshy said...

Anonymous- I hope your little one is one of the many Mcad-ers without heat issues!! But September/October vacations rock anyway.

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