June 17, 2012 by Rieshy

I don't usually post about holidays because of two main reasons.  
  1. Generally I don't feel that I have much to add.  All anyone has to do is check Facebook and they are sure to read at least 5 pre-made banners varying from profound to treacly-sweet that pretty much cover the concept of any holiday.  
  2. I generally forget about holidays until it is irrelevant.

This year I thought Father's Day was last weekend.  I planned ahead and cooked my husband's favorite summer meal, only to realize when my 12 year old informed me as I served the meal with a flourish, that once again, I had the wrong date.  My husband didn't mind.  He is not very sentimental and any reason to have his favorite meal is just fine and dandy.

However today is Father's Day; I'm relatively certain because I googled it twice. So here goes:

I have a great Dad, made obvious by the fact that he never killed me when I was snotty.  I was snotty pretty continually.

I have a great father-in-law,  made obvious by the fact that he always compliments my cooking even when I don't serve meat.

I have a great husband, who only laughs a little at me when I can't remember dates.

I have 4 boys who will grow up someday to hopefully be dad's too.

I have an all-powerful Heavenly Father that loves me and cares for me.

It's a rich day, even if the special meal was eaten last week.

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CristyLynn said...

This year we completely missed Mother's Day and Father's Day from extenuating circumstances, and I hardly noticed at all. This made me smile. (oh, and so I don't just randomly comment on all your current posts, I'll just say here: I'm glad that the novel was mysteriously in your purse! Also, I LOVE what you said about our children not being a cause. I've had mixed feelings about this topic, and have definitely landed on the "this is my CHILD" side, but you always express things better than I do, so I'm glad you wrote about this.)

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