Pop Quiz

June 4, 2012 by Rieshy

During what parenting activity do you have to explain/apologize, "I'm not shouting at you because I'm angry; I'm shouting because I'm so scared."

It's an activity that makes almost anyone wish for valium.



Sharon W. said...

Teaching a child to drive? Riding with a 16-year-old driver on the interstate?

Rieshy said...

Bingo! Our vehicle is a 12 passenger van. It makes it that much memorable:)

Felicity said...

Thanks for the warning... my eldest is about to get her learner's license.

Mae W. said...

I have five years before the oldest will learn, and I'm already scared. I can't decide if it's scarier to teach her myself, or leave it up to my husband... ;)

Rieshy said...

This is my 3rd teen to teach. She's actually doing great. I do think the key is making them/yourself drive every single day. That way dread cannot build up:)

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