Soapy Trials

June 20, 2012 by Rieshy

Today while running errands we stopped at a public restroom.  My 17 year old daughter was trying to help my 4 year old get soap from the strangely high-hanging soap dispenser.   The soap shot out with amazing force at a 45 degree angle straight into my son's open mouth.

It was rather a shock and I was hard pressed to get the foaming soap out of my son's mouth while he danced with mini-hysterics before anyone called CPS on us.

This leads me to a poignant truth of motherhood: the act of
not laughing 
sometimes requires heroic self-control.


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Felicity said...

That's what our parents would threaten us with - washing our mouths out with soap..;-) Ha ha
I hope for his sake it didn't taste too bad.

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