More Nocturnal Nonsense

August 21, 2011 by Rieshy

The other night I couldn't sleep so I sat in the den and wrote sloppy prose and checked email.  About 3:30 a.m. I heard it.  Something rattling a pan in the kitchen.

I stopped breathing and my fingers froze above the keyboard.  A mouse.  A large one by the sound of the rattles.  I ran for backup.

My newly awoken husband went into the kitchen and looked around while I stood on a chair in the dining room and watched.  Yes, I stood on a chair.   Frankly, I loose 3 dimensionality when it comes to rodents.

My husband rattled everything I could suggest but nothing made the same sound.

He went back to sleep.   I did not; I lay awake considering a rodent menance.  Until I heard it again.  A LOUD metal rattling sound.  The Rats of NIMH dismantling the oven?

I sat up and peered out through the bedroom door only to see a dim shape swish down the hall.  O.k. not a mouse, not even a rat.  I got up to investigate, but as I crossed into the living room a form floated past me, a form with a maniacal smile.

A nanosecond of terror and then laughter.  A smiley face Mylar balloon with trailing ribbons was free-floating through the pitch dark house.

My hair was still standing on end when the balloon was suddenly sucked up into the ceiling fan and, with the now familiar large metal rattling sound, it was slammed to the ground and trapped under a rocking chair. 

My husband pointed out later that the possibility of a mouse caused me to shriek and run for help yet an unknown form moving through the house, making large sounds caused me to... investigate?!?

I'm too happy knowing I don't have mice to mind a spot of teasing.

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