August 16, 2011 by Rieshy

Most of the time, if someone asks me the ages of my children, I stumble and trip and have to think.  People's expressions falter when they have to wait patiently for me to spit   it   out.  I'm sure they think my children are imaginary- what type of mother can't remember ages?

This is the time of the year when I can remember everyone's ages.  When our oldest daughter has her birthday it makes everyone's age odd or even, with our youngest daughter being the marker by being opposite neatly in the middle.

This time it's 19, 17, 15, 12, 9, 5, and 3.  See how handy that is.

We planned it that way.

I found this picture of our 17 year old this morning.
She was 35 in a 6 year old body.
 Actually she hasn't changed much.  
Happy Birthday Sweetie!  

And quick, someone ask me my kids' ages so I impress myself by rattling them off without thought.


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Unknown said...

happy birthday! I can't remember my children's NAMES and I only have three. I think you're doing pretty good!

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