Do It Yourself Health Care

August 13, 2011 by Rieshy

At the park Monday I was watching the kids play when my 5 yo climbed up to the monkey rings, grabbed a hold and then, hand over hand, worked his way to the other side.

Today at the pool I watched the same 5 yo launch his body face first and swim a couple of body lengths underwater.

Where did he learn these skills? How did he develop the strength, despite his hypotonia, to do these things?

Swim lessons? I priced swim lessons at the beginning of the summer, too high.

Physical therapy? We are still on the waiting list for physical therapy.

It was old fashioned family fun.

We had been told by the PT that swimming would be the most beneficial and least risky activity to build strength and endurance. How often is medical advice so pleasurable?  Our local rec center has a sloping pool entrance.  It was perfect, something all the kids enjoyed. We made it a priority to go to the pool as often as possible, and...

I just let them play.

Monday at the park, and today watching my newly self-taught swimmer?   I'm thankful for such a glorious summer of do-it-yourself health care with fabulously concrete results.



Felicity said...

I sometimes think that 'just letting them play' is worth a lot of paid-for therapy and lessons...

Unknown said...

This makes me so happy. My son has hypotonia too and he loves the pool. He still is happy to drown, but he's only two. I'm so glad your guy is having a nice summer and enjoying his health care.

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