October 8, 2009 by Rieshy
Wednesday was a day of odd and unrelated conversations. I thought I'd share some of them.

Jack, the 3 yo, explained to me that the freshly headless bird delivered to our front door by the cat was in fact there because, "A bird was flying over the door mat and died and fell out of the sky."

Ben and Bekah, the 7 and 10 yos, laughed and laughed about the possibility of a world in which birds fly about until their heads spontaneously pop off, causing them to fall from the sky- onto door mats everywhere.

Samuel, the almost 2 yo, with uncharacteristically perfect diction called me, "A Bad Boy," when I made him lay down for naptime.

Sarah, the 13 yo, commented that she always wanted to be a teenager but, "Now that she knows how much more work is involved she wishes she could be a kid again."

Grace, the 15 yo, decided that Mrs Gibson from "Wives and Daughters" was far more detestable than Mrs Bennett from "Pride and Prejudice". She also noted, in a genre change, that as I am now 42, I must be the answer... if anyone could remember the question.

Luke, the 17 yo, decided that along with recent compensation disclosure rulings for bloggers, the FTC ought to require a percentage of Facebook profile photos to be realistically uncomplimentary. He decided to set an example of (uncompensated) full disclosure below.

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Unknown said...

I must say that I agree with Grace; Mrs. Gibson was horrendous!

Brittany said...

That picture is exactly how he looked tonight!! lol!

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