I Want, Therefore I Need

October 20, 2009 by Rieshy
Feeding Jack has always, always been an issue.  From hour #1 he's not been easy to feed- read absolutely impossible to exaggerate how difficult feeding him has been. Oh, how many tears I've shed and oh, how much vomit I've cleaned up.  Last Spring he finally started to believe that food is a good thing, eating an enjoyable event, lo even an enjoyable social activity.  We've worked hard to explain that he has to eat regularly, sometimes even when he doesn't want to because his body needs energy.

He's doing great.  So great that to look at his tall stature, glowing face and bright eyes you'd never know he has a metabolic disorder and that he spent a good part of last year in and out of the hospital.

Today while painting a picture and sipping some milk he announced loudly, "My Body neeeeeds a brownie."  From equilibrium to manipulation at the speed of a toddler's brain.  
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2Wired2Tired said...

That's so wonderful that he is doing so much better. It's amazing what we take for granted sometimes isn't it? To think of eating being difficult is unfathomable to me. But it seems he's catching on. I love that his body needed a brownie. Adorable.

Rieshy said...

It was pretty unfathomable to me too at first:) I had to laugh (better than crying) when I got in touch with the breast feeding consultant for help with Jack as a newborn. I had to interrupt her assumption that he was my first child with, "Well, actually I nursed all 5 of my older children...."

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