Not Fair

October 31, 2009 by Rieshy
There are certain people whom one counts on, appreciates, even likes, but whom one heartily wishes not to see more than once, maybe twice a year. For my family, this includes our tax accountant, our auto mechanic and Jack's pediatric geneticist.

Tuesday, Jack had his biannual check-up at the geneticist.  This was a watershed appointment in that Jack is now 3 and 1/2 years old, old enough to remember past appointments and to associate them with pain.  He is also old enough to realize for the first time that no one else in the family goes to the doctor as often as he does.  

Jack asked me point blank if they would take his blood.  "Well, yes,"- I wanted to lie but I didn't. Jack needs to be able to trust me more than I needed him not to cry all the way to the hospital. He did suggest, in a show of brotherly love, that I take Samuel instead.   

Cry he did, for the 40 minute drive, until he fell asleep 3 blocks from the hospital. The crying must have been cathartic because when we got out of the van at the free valet parking (Thank you Vanderbilt Children's) he was fine.  Jack's such a trooper, marched right to his doom without another complaint.  I'm a proud mamma.  

Best of all, I was mistaken- no lab work was required.  We saw the doctor, bought some gummy worms, and came home. The only lingering concern is that Jack wants to know why he is different.  It came up again last night at a youth group devotional.

At the devotional Jack wanted to eat foods that he just cannot have- too high in fats for his disorder.  I gave him some small treats but he wanted more.  On the way to the bathroom to wash-up he kept telling me, "But I want another cupcake, I need another cupcake."
I answered simply, "You can't."
"Because your body doesn't need it." 
Jack's face brightened as it became clear that this was all just a tragic misunderstanding.  "Oh, no- see Mom," he pointed into his mouth.  "This is my voice, it's coming out of my body and it needs another cupcake, see my body is saying that."

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Betsy said...

I am so glad that his appointment went well. Jack seems like a very smart little guy; I like his use of logic in regards to the cupcake. So cute.

I found long ago that honesty is the best policy when it comes to blood draws and our children. About four years ago we decided they would get a $10 toy for every blood draw they have to endure. They have blood work done at least 4 times a year, but we have had years when it has been more than 10 times. Ugh!

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