Lost and Found

October 28, 2009 by Rieshy

I was sitting at my desk this afternoon concentrating on paperwork when my ever monitoring mom-brain wondered why I was able to concentrate.  I went down the mental-roster using my extra-sensory location-detecting super-ability. 
Luke? Doing homework in den- check. 
Grace? Reading something in den- check. 
Sarah? Working on math/daydreaming on her bed- check. 
Bekah and Ben? Playing outside with neighbors- check. 
Jack and Sam? .... ????  

At that point my brain sounded an internal alarm.  Frantic running around and searching ensued.  Older children were conscripted.  Finally, Luke noticed an oddly placed stool.

What amazed and frankly alarmed me was how much cooperation the Littles exhibited.  Luke, Grace, and I stood in the hall talking yet there was not a peep.  I even had time to fetch the camera before I opened the door.    

Evidently the linen closet is lead-lined against extra-sensory location-detectors.  Good thing Jack and Sam needed the stool. 
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JaelCustomDesigns said...

How adorable!

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