Bad Ideas and Life Lessons

November 3, 2009 by Rieshy
Some things are just too funny to get mad about.  

Two days ago I posted a picture of my children playing on the gigantic ladder we have to pull out each Fall to change our living room clock back an hour. Every year my husband "loves" lugging out that ladder.  Every year, a few days after the time change and after putting away the ladder, the clock needs new batteries.  This year my husband defeated the clock by leaving the ladder standing, just waiting, taunting the batteries to go ahead and die.  

Either that or I'm exaggerating and my husband has just been too busy to put the ladder away. Regardless, leaving the ladder out provided my 8 yo son with a valuable life lesson: 
If mom and dad have to take your sister to the doctor and you have a humongous-enormous-gigantic bowl of popcorn to eat all to yourself and your big sister is distracted, it is a really really poor choice to climb to the top of the ladder with said popcorn.  It is inevitable that you will drop the entire bowl from 13 feet in the air just seconds before mom and dad get home.  
Oh, Related life lesson: a broom and dustpan don't work that well on carpet.

This was part of the 30 min challenge from SteadyMom.  
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Tanya said...

lol! Kids do the darndest things. This Tee
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me here:

se7en said...

Lovely - Isn't it amazing when we manage to see the bigger picture and the humor in a situation!!!

Melanie said...

I love this one. I figured someone had complained about your kids being on the ladder! Glad I was wrong. Life lessons = the real way kids learn.

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