Found Object Lessons

November 19, 2009 by Rieshy

Preschool at my house is a low key, homemade affair.  In fact I don't call it preschool at all, it's just life.  Sometimes life is pleasantly slow and full of free connections that my toddlers create independently. 

My 2 year old was enamored of the newly emptied baking powder container.  When I handed it to him and saw how perfectly it fit his chubby hands I had to laugh.  It looked made for him. Immediately he sat down to screw the lid on and off and then flip open and shut the flip side of the lid.  He looked up at me from time to time to make sure I was sharing the delight. Quickly I cannibalized a board game for plastic counting chips.  My son then slowly and deliberately dropped in each piece as I counted for him.  We did this approximately a billion times.  I was just glad I had only found 12 counting pieces.
Learning/playing in an empty cupboard while wearing jammies; life doesn't get much better.

My two toddlers love the book "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom", by Bill Martin Jr.  I don't know which is more appealing to them, the rhythm, or their toddler fascination with all things that fall.  One day after reading the book my 3 yo suddenly exclaimed something I didn't understand and ran off.  He came back with an old box of wooden magnetic letters and proceeded to open the book to the inside cover and match the magnet letters to the drawing. The fonts were almost identical.  Not a formal lesson, not an object lesson, merely a free found-object lesson.

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mama hall said...

love this! i'm going to fill a container with counting chips for Bubba right now - he will love it. my kids love Chika Chika Boom Boom, too. great, fun & colorful book for ABC recognition. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree!!!

Aiming4Simple said...

Your words inspired and reminded me how rich simple moments can be. Sounds like you are truly living in the moment, enjoying your kids. My husband volunteers once a week in our daughter's kindergarten class, and recently remarked how he can tell which kids had parents who invested in their children in the ways you describe.

Anonymous said...

i will check out chika chika boom boom too

following you via MBC followers club.

If you are interested in button/link exchange and twitter following let me know..

Jacquie @ Joy Made Full said...

Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM!!!

That is my oldests favorite book! I love the little lessons children find in ordinary things.

I'm following your lovely blog!

Anonymous said...
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