"Son, you have a panty on your head."

November 23, 2009 by Rieshy

Any fans of "Raising Arizona" out there?  My husband and I loved this Coen movie, until we had children.  I have to admit that the car-seat scenes make me sort of queasy now.  Still, there are many, many lines in this movie that we quote regularly. 
The problem is that I am beginning to hear myself say the sort of lines Dot had in the movie.  Mind you, if you have not seen the movie, Dot is not the mothering heroine.  Just this week alone I heard myself say the following "Dot-esque" lines:
  • No drawing on your bread!
  • Do not use sandpaper on the van!
  • You are Not a ghost, take the carpet pad off your body and put it back under the carpet!
  • Stop chewing on the table cloth!
  • Pencils do not flush down the toilet!
The sentence that surprised me the most was, "Are only 4 of the children awake yet?" - I mean really, how many children do we have anyway?  

The funniest line I heard this week was from our 3 yo, Jack.  He woke up having a blood sugar problem and came into our bedroom at 2:00 a.m.  Jack went to my husband's side of the bed and said softly, "My body needs...  to watch Sponge Bob Square Pants." 

Proof positive that even toddlers realize cartoons are the mental equivalent of fast-absorbing glucose gel.  But what food group do Coen comedies represent?

This is part of Steady Mom's 30 minute challenge.


my little world said...

That is so cute what Jack said. Sounds like something mine would say!

It's amazing the things that come out of our mouths, after having kids, that we never thought would ever say... or fathom for that matter.

Kim & Dave said...

Sooo funny!!! I, too, am daily amazed by what my toddlers some up with!

I haven't ever seen that movie, but it sure sounds funny!

Anonymous said...

Coen brothers movies are like sitting down to a feast at a new friends house. You don't know what to expect, you might not like it, you might love it, and if you enjoy it you'll come back for more. At least that's how I feel about them.

Love your quotes. I find myself saying odd things too! Comes with the parenting territory.

se7en said...

Love it... After six weeks of absolutely no sleep when #1 was born I collapsed into a deep sleep... hours later my husband woke me to say: "#1 is hungry" I sat bolt upright and said: "Who is #1 and what is he doing in our bed?

Stacy @ Sweet Sky said...

Oy, I'm sounding a lot like Dot myself lately!

Don't dance on the table! Stop kicking the lamp! Why did you draw all over your face? Stop making your brother cry!

All of these words are totally futile... Why do I keep saying them? :)

Nice post -- thanks!

(found you via 30-minute blog post)

Puget Sound Prudence said...

So cute, sometimes I need to watch Sponge Bob too! I've got a teenager and a baby too. Can relate to you so much. Visiting from MBC, visit when you get a chance. http://pugetsoundprudence.blogspot.com/

Trish said...

Love the Coen brothers! Another movie you might like is Little Miss Sunshine.

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