Developmental Linguistics

November 12, 2009 by Rieshy

Language is fraught with difficulties. For instance, Jack told me yesterday during his brother's math lesson that, "The clock said it is not school time.  The clock said it is movie time." 

We talk often about what the clock "says".  The clock is an authority figure in our home. It often "tells" us to change activities, go somewhere, it announces when friends will be arriving. 

If everyone in the family can hear the clock talking I guess Jack figured he could too, and why make the clock say something unpleasant? The clock as an imaginary friend whom even Mother has to obey- what could be better?

When it comes to spiritual truth language is even more confusing.  Discussing God's omnipresence with Ben when he was about 4 was going well, I thought. Until a few days later he came to me and with the air of someone who had puzzled out a great mystery he announced, "God is invisible, that's why when things go through him you don't see the blood."

Ughh.  Never even saw the possibility for that misunderstanding.  

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