No More Numbered Lists

November 10, 2009 by Rieshy
The mark of a good friend is truthfulness.  I'm blessed with good friends ergo I'm blessed with truthfulness.  I just wish fun and flattering were more often part of the definition of blessed.

I recently wrote about handling sleep deprivation with a list of how-to's because, well, that's what I'm dealing with.  Evidently I'm not dealing with it as well as I thought. Except for walking and praying I'm pretty much botching it.  

God answered my prayers for help. While walking, my husband and I got to talking about family life- he had some great ideas for changes in our routines and in the Little's night feeding schedules. Really good ideas- really simple changes. After the humbling realization that I was not being perceived as Queen of Coping; my fuzzy and tired brain still recognized brilliance.

I chatted with my good friend, Angie, later that day and brought up my husband's brilliance. To my astonishment she also perceived me as a woman on the edge.  More humble pie.  Angie was encouraging and had still more great ideas.  One suggestion was that I'd feel more energetic if I didn't walk around looking like sloppily dressed haggis. - Actually, she didn't say exactly that, but I can read between the lines.

Changes have been initiated.  Early results indicate sleep on the horizon.   Pride may cometh before a fall, but Proverbs 27:6 says, "Faithful are the wounds of a friend."


miranda said...

I am eager to hear how things go. I have has had trouble falling asleep for the past couple years, though I go through phases were it worsens and improves.
Now that I have mono I am trying to come up with a plan on how to do a better job getting my sleep once I am better. I am planning on getting to bed by 10 and hoping to get up earlier. Hard to do if your body won't shut down!
Anyway, I'm appreciative of you blogging about this.

Rieshy said...

I had mono when I was 18, ughhh. I remember while I was sick how hard it was to sleep, even though I was exhausted. I feel for you!

My doctor told me that if I stayed rested for an entire year (this was after I got well) that I would never get mono again- but that I could relapse if I wore myself out within the year. I have no idea if that was true but it put the fear in me! My sophomore year in college I was the only one in the entire dorm who went to bed at 10:00 every single stinking night!
I never did relapse so, anecdotally anyway, the doctor was correct:)

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