December 21, 2009 by Rieshy
My husband and I just had our 22nd wedding anniversary.  That's a long time.

In related news I just watched Twilight with my older teens.  The repeated refrain of, "Oh, Edward" was sung out in a falsetto voice by my teens- especially my 17 yo son, whenever the hormone gushy emotions of a scene exceeded the bounds of reality and/or sanity.  O.K. we sang out the refrain quite a bit.  Interactive viewing at it's best.

Why do I relate this to being married for 22 years?  Because if I can teach my children anything about love,  especially my girls, it's two related things:
  •   Staring into a beloved's eyes is only romantic for a limited time period.  Stare too long and both you and your beloved will find there is nothing there to stare at anymore but boredom and annoying habits. 
  • The feelings of romantic love will not sustain a marriage long term.
Thank you, Greg, for insisting that love is a verb and not a noun; thank you for 22 years of living and doing, interspersed with (wonderful) times of gushy staring.

This was part of Steady Mom's  30 minute Challenge.
Check out Gratituesday for more blessings.

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Anonymous said...

Very sweet. Congratulations on your anniversary!!

vriddle07 said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Twenty-two years!
Doesn't it seem so wild to say it in terms of years? How can it possibly go by so fast at some moments?
Is it difficult to get the celebrating in around the holidays?

Rieshy said...

It's an insane time of year to try to get a date in. This year was more insane than most, but at least we got to go for a walk and talk in a rare moment of sunshine.

We have a rain check date planned:)

Cassidy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy 22nd Anniversary! What an incredible milestone :)

I wish you a year of health and happiness for you and your family!

Stefanie from

(...stopping by from MBC and now following you)

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations on your 22nd anniversary. I must say that I found the whole Twilight notion of love very creepy, but then I was pulling for Jacob.

Anonymous said...

ps. found you through the 30 minute challenge

Rieshy said...

Growfamilygrow- so you're "Team Jacob."

I agree- very creepy. I read the first 2 books with my daughters- made it into an event, just so we could discuss the stuff the books brought up in a natural sort of way. Attempted rape, obsession, sneaking around, etc., lots of material. Ugh.

But actually we did have fun. What I have noticed is that older girls take it more lightly and as kind of corny. The younger girls seem to be more easily enthralled.

We haven't read the 4th book. I found the beginning seriously creepy in it's content. Not sure what I'm going to do...

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