Energy Requirements

December 13, 2009 by Rieshy

The hustle and bustle of the holidays and the end of the semester have taken their toll on my family.  My older kids are revved up and ready to do more- oh except concentrate on school work.  My little two are revved up as well, but not in such a fun way:

  • Samuel has a virus of some toddler variety- the variety that makes me thankful that I have not, in fact, potty trained him.  
  • Jack's body is so revved up that it's temporarily burned out his limited ability to maintain normal blood sugar ranges.  He's back on round-the-clock blood sugar monitoring and extra starch dosages.

I think that by the time my chronically ill toddlers are grown up I'll be perfectly suited for a career in public relations.  I'll have had enough practice putting spin on news, at any rate.  For instance I had to call and tell my Dad not to come visit tomorrow because of the little one's illness. * In my announcement to the older kids I told the truth, "We don't want to share Sam's virus with GrandDad."  However, I left off the part about how Jack wouldn't be able to handle the energy requirements of any overnight visitor right now.

My Dad is not a drain- he's a fun, big tall Texan, with a shiny red pickup truck, hunting equipment, cowboy boots and hat, and funny stories.  My kids only see him about once a year; it is an Event when he blows through town.

I spin things because I don't want my older children to dwell on the many life-ripples caused by having a sibling with chronic illness.  I'm trying to balance having an active, fun, purposeful home for my teens with having a restful, calm, healing home for my chronically ill toddlers.

I have faith that there is a way.  The bummer with mothering is that it takes about 50 years to see how your choices worked out.  So, check back in about 50 years...

Here's to hoping we are just as silly-

in 50 years.

* The kids dramatically improved- my Dad was able to come and spend time target shooting with the teens, hanging out with the Middles, and wrestling with the Littles.
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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to manage the requirements of chroncially ill children with healthy kids! It sounds like you are doing well and doing your best to minimize any resentment. I hope the boys are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are doing a great job..

keep it up
best wishes..

Susan said...

what a difficult balance to find among the differing needs of everyone in your family... a lot of balls to juggle. I love your hope to be silly in 50 years ~ that is my hope for my family too!

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