Teminator 4: The Return of the Spiral Perm and other Friday Leftovers

December 18, 2009 by Rieshy
  • I watched Teminator- Salvation last night.  It gave me hope.  Judging from the looks of the women in the movie; trendy clothing boutiques and hair salons can survive a nuclear holocaust.
  • If you want to eat candy without being noticed by your children you must first put it into a container that does not broadcast a tell-tale crinkle noise. 
  • Mommy blogging is often as over produced as reality t.v. - wouldn't you kick that dirty sock out of the shot of your kids putting puzzles together?
  • You know you blog too much when something funny happens and one of your children says, "Mom you should post about that."
  • One of the many blessings of having teen aged girls is that they take over all the holiday baking. 
  • Does anyone know why the normally ubiquitous flats of cheap pansies for Fall planting were nowhere to be found this year?   

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    Danifred said...

    Thanks for playing!
    I'm a fan of freezing my chocolates that I don't want to share. No one suspects frozen chocolate!

    Anonymous said...

    My husband is usually the one who asks, "Are you going to blog about that?" when something silly/funny/absurd happens around here.

    I am so happy that my children are not yet old enough to question me telling them my chocolate is for grown-ups only!

    Jules said...
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    Jules said...

    The girls are at the "we want anything you're eating" stage - candy, pizza, whatever. I think we eat out of their sight whenever possible. Hubby just makes fun of my blogging (as he looks up videos on youtube)

    And why isn't there an edit option on comments?

    Rieshy said...

    My kids have all figured out the frozen chocolate thing.

    I have one daughter with a bionic nose- she can smell chocolate on my breath from another room.

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