Pregnancy Craving Trivia*

December 3, 2009 by Rieshy
Recently my children asked me to recount the odd cravings I had while carrying each one. I do not know why this amuses them so. They seem to view it as a personality test of some sort and tease one another about "their craving."

The list of cravings from oldest to youngest is:

  1. Luke: Tuna Helper (had never eaten it before Luke, nor have I eaten it since) and grapefruit.
  2. Grace: Spinach/fried egg/swiss cheese sandwiches.
  3. Sarah: Omelets made by my wonderful husband. After gaining a million pounds very quickly I found out he was putting 6 eggs, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and butter in every omelet -no wonder they were good.
  4. Bekah: Peanut M&M's, because my husband was doing all the cooking and, with the exception of omelets, he really can't cook.
  5. Ben: Prunes, lots of prunes. A word to the wise, a surfeit of prunes makes for an embarrassing delivery.
  6. Jack: Sushi, which was not allowed so feta cheese which also was not allowed so I whined and ate a ton of jalapenos instead. Do not try to make sense of that.
  7. Samuel: Two fancy organic medjool dates every morning with a cup of tea that I pretended was coffee.
I can't see that any of those cravings reveal anything about the personalities of my children. Listing all my cravings does reveal that I've spent a lot of years having cravings. Which in turn reveals that my husband has the personality of a saint.

*Disclaimer for possibly alarmed relatives: I am not currently having any cravings of any sort for any reason.

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Melanie said...

It was jello with Claire and cheese grits with Sam. Go figure!

Paula Schuck said...

that's cute. my kids ask me to recount funny things from their baby days. tell us again the story about Payton throwing up. The story of Payt throwing up at about one year or a bit older is my anecdote of you know you're a mom when. Well she was feeling okay or so I thought and she had a big feeding and vomitted on me. So good mommy I took her upstairs and cleaned her all up and changed my clothes. Well every mom out there knows what happens next, right. The little turkey yacked all over me again. So once again repeat same clean everyone all up and then wait for it she did it again. I cleaned her the third time and sat back down with her - I would never lay her down like that for fear she would aspirate. Anyways you know of course she yacked all over me again and that time the fourth time I just sat there covered in puke, running out of clothes and waited her out. For some reason the kids laugh hysterically at this story. Most of my friends look at me like I am insane when I tell them this one...

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