Is Cynicism Russian?

January 21, 2011 by Rieshy

My husband got the film, Russian Arc.  It was filmed in the Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg.  It is touted as being filmed in one take- no cuts at all.  My 18 year old son and husband were skeptical, they had to watch for themselves.  Evidently their conversation was attended to much more closely by both our younger sons.

It was akin to a sporting event.  All males in the family, even the 3 year old, sat to watch this Russian language- subtitle only film, in order to find cuts.

Anytime the movie panned to a dark corner as the camera swept through the corridors of the Hermitage my 4 year old, completely caught up in the spirit of cynicism would yell, "I See A Cut!"

We are weird.



CristyLynn said...

My husband said that the concept was great, but the movie was less interesting than watching paint dry. :)

CristyLynn said...

Oh, and here's a Russian joke for you:

A Russian pessimist says, "It can't possibly get any worse."
A Russian optimist says, "Of course it can."

So yes, I would say that cynicism is Russian.

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