Read and Ask, It's A Parent's Job

January 27, 2011 by Rieshy


One of the first things I learned after one of our children was diagnosed with a metabolic disorder is to read everything. 

Read everything about the disorder.

Read every doctor report.

Read every lab report.

Read every hospital visit summary.

Read the label on every I.V. bag placed on my child's pole.

It's amazing how much you can learn and at the same time scary to see how easily mistakes are almost made.

Yet, last August, when we switched pharamcies in order to have two medications compounded into one formula I neglected somewhere along the way to re-read the medication info.  We've been getting a 3 month supply of our son's medicine UPS-ed to our house every 3 months.  Makes sense.  After all, the doctor prescribes it in 3 month amounts and it saves us money on both the copay and the shipping.

Today I opened the new shipment.  It had new, more colorful labels that caught my attention.  I was waiting for pasta to come to a boil so I read the entire bottle.  My son's 3 month supply expires in 1 month. 


The pharmacist was lovely and appalled.  He's says it's the interaction of the two meds. that have changed the expiration date...

I'm re-reminding myself, it's my job as the parent to be my child's advocate, and safety expert.

Read, Read, Read!



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Ostriches Look Funny said...

Seriously. I have a friend who was accidentally given asprin based medicine instead of tylonol based meds when she was pregnant. It's crazy.

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