Pride Bubbles

January 15, 2011 by Rieshy

This morning at breakfast 16 yo daughter was showing me the piano sonata by Mozart that she is to learn this winter for scholarship try-outs.  14 year old was reading through some music from the choir she just joined.  The girls started comparing music, and acting goofy, they decided to sing the bass line of the piano sonata.  14 yo then broke out into an outrageous soprano line from The Magic Flute.

Very funny.  A rather classically-raucous breakfast

Then instantaneously my 11 yo, 14 yo and 16 yo daughters all started singing from the opera Il Trovatore - and quite loudly I might add.

I swelled with pride.  Surely here was proof that I am an awesome home school mom.  My children are so versatile and so familiar with great art...

Foolishly I asked,  "How do all three of you know Il Trovatore?"

The answer was a gigantic pin-prick to my pride bubble.  Pride cometh before a fall (or a popping sound)...

"Oh it's in, "A Night At the Opera," on one of our Marx Brothers' dvds."

I should have known.  After all, I learned The Barber of Seville from Bugs Bunny.


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