Learning Style?!?

January 11, 2011 by Rieshy

For a few months my third grader has been randomly saying things like, "If you have 'to', as in to go to somewhere, and you add 'o.k.', then you have 'took'.  It's always a non-sequitor and generally occurs while I'm trying to drain pasta without scalding anyone, or when I'm attempting a non-protected left turn while handing out sippy cups.  Mind you, his verbal spelling isn't accompanied with punctuation.

My brain has to hiccup to catch up.

One of my sisters sent us Bananagrams for Christmas.   Bananagrams is Scrabble for people who like to make up their own rules.  My third grader loves it! I was thrilled.  I thought the game would fufil his need to out-spell me.

Alas, the child still spells constantly.  But today took the cake.  I was dealing with a tantrum-ing 3 year old whose attempts to dominate the world were not proceeding to plan, when suddenly I heard my third grader yell over the tantrum,

"Mom, if you take the German word der, and then put win in front of it and then change the 'd' to a 't' it spells winter."

My brain slithered out of my left ear.  What sort of learning style is this?  How can I harness his mad skills?  Most importantly and frustratingly, why are the multiplication tables not coming as easily...



Brittany said...

Aww, rub his head for me. :) Sounds like my learning style! My logic says that in fractions, the numerator is on the top and the denominator is on the bottom, which makes sense because the "d" in denominator is closer in the alphabet to "b" for bottom than "n" for numerator.
My multiplication skills are fine, it's the addition that gets me...


Aiming4Simple said...

It sounds like you are asking the right questions. I personally find Multiple Intelligence theory fascinating. Maybe try multiple methods?

Rieshy said...

Aiming- yep, I guess multiple methods it is. I'm such a, "read it and learn it," style gal myself that I have to force myself to think up alternatives.

Unknown said...

my brain just exploded.

oh, and I got bananagrams for christmas, and no one will play with me...and I lost the directions. instructions. Whatev.

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