November 12, 2011 by Rieshy

I've been underwater all week with the combination of a cold, worries and the kind of tiredness that comes from your heart and makes your bones heavy.

My 17 year old has me reading Les Misérables this month. Hint, don't read Les Mis. when you are bone weary. It won't help. I opted to endure my daughter's literary scorn and read The Power Of Six instead. I also read Disappointment With God, by Yancey.

Power Of Six- who writes in all present tense? Oh, Pittacus Lore. Nothing like blowing up some aliens and enduring some poorly thought out anti-catholic sentiments that are quickly followed by fatalistic philosophy- also poorly developed. I did enjoy the blowing up of the aliens, but I'm deep like that...

Disappointment With God, though it had not a single sword or ray gun, was surprisingly uplifting. The main thing I took away from the book was that I either believe God or not. I either believe he is, and by definition he loves, or I don't.

I, an almost yuppie, who loves to over-analyze everything could get used to the freedom of not having to figure everything out.

On Wednesday my 5 year old asked me if there would be hospitals in heaven. He looked worried when I told him no. He looked radiant when I explained why there would be no hospitals.

The radiance of a child's faith.




Brandee Shafer said...

Breathing a prayer for you, right this minute. You are so brave and strong and good. I would like to be more like you.

CristyLynn said...

I trust you're feeling better now. I've been catching up yet again. Wondering if you ever made it back to Les Mis because it's really my favorite book. :)
And I'm thrilled that there won't be hospitals in heaven; that thought makes me tear up with relief at this very moment.

Rieshy said...

Thanks Christi, I've not made it back to Les Mis. I complained to my daughter that the writting style was choppy and confusing, whereupon to her great horror she discovered I was reading an abridged copy. She gave me her full copy to read instead- much better, but I'm buried in so much reading for other kids classes I can't keep up.

The mother giving her daughter away slayed me....

Rieshy said...

It about killed me when I realized that he thought he would still NEED hospitals in heaven.

CristyLynn said...

Ok, I gasped in horror, when I realized you were attempting an abridged version! :) I hope that you have time to get back to it one of these days....and that it's NOT in a hospital! And it is hard to think that such a little person is so accustomed to hospitals that he think we would still need them in heaven. I'm praying he doesn't need them here for a long time!

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