Odds and Ends- or maybe just Dregs

November 30, 2011 by Rieshy

When I signed in to blogger today they promised that their new interface was, "Clean and modern."  I haven't seen a sign with the spectacular promise of Modern since I was a child and a dilapidated sign in the teeny tiny West Texas town near my grandparents farm promised both, "air conditioning and modern rooms,"  as an enticement to brave their Bates-motel establishment.

Onto Dregs.  I am the grinch.  In surveying my non-holiday decorated house this morning all I could think was- will my children notice if we don't have a tree and it's accompanying clutter this year?

Heavy sigh.  I'm pretty sure they'll notice.  Last year I got away with not putting up our huge fake tree because my husband and I bought a live Norway Spruce as our anniversary gift to each other and put it in the living room.  My children were unimpressed with it's 3 1/2 foot splendor and the fact that I wouldn't let them put lights on it.

Less clutter, but the fear and trembling with which I had to work to make sure the expensive thing didn't get shocked and die before we planted it in the backyard was exhausting.  Besides the expense, having your 23rd anniversary present die would be pretty depressing.

Exhaustion versus clutter versus permanently scarring my children's holiday spirit.... hmmmm.

Am I the only one out there that wants to run at the first sightings of Christmas sweaters, and that sees seasonal decorations only as dust-catchers?



lesliel said...

No - you are not! I managed to get away with not putting the tree up until the 24th one year, because people were not doing their part to clean up the living room. How about a 7-foot tall construction paper tree hung on the wall? :-)

Brandee Shafer said...

I'm with you. All of it...even the THOUGHT of all of it...exhausts me. Which is why I prefer halloween...even though I love Baby Jesus and all-grown-up Jesus. Even though I hate satan.

Rieshy said...

Leslie- makes me think of Where The Heart Is.

Brandee, how funny, I was thinking of Haloween fondly this morning, and feeling odd about it.

Melanie said...

Not alone at all! I've been saying since Halloween, when did become necessary to decorate my house to look like a Macy's display window!?! I'm going as low key as possible this year. Back in the summer I purged holiday paraphernalia and I hope to purge even more when I start decorating for Christmas . . . tomorrow!

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