Halloween Hangovers

November 1, 2011 by Rieshy

Candy Hangover that is....  necessitates a small chocolate Hershey's bar at 5:30 a.m., before the kids see.  Hair of the dog and all that.  With piping hot coffee, yum.

Halloween at our house is a pretty cheap affair.  $3.50 for duct tape and a t-shirt is transformed into a knights mail-of-amour.  We already have plenty of capes, swords, scabbards and shields-  4 boys will do that to you, not to mention daughters who were obsessed with the Redwall series, Tolkein, and Howard Pyle's version of King Arthur.

Indeed, several years went by in which my oldest 4 children were always armed and spoke only their version of Middle English.  "A boon! a boon! I do beseech this of thee, mine mother, that when thou preparest luncheon it includeth a fair portion of dessert for each of these deserving knights."

I've lost track of how many treasure maps have threatened to catch fire in my kitchen during attempts to age and weather parchment purchased from Hobby Lobby.

My oldest just taught the 5 year old how to use his alphabet stamp kit with lemon juice on parchment in order to write secret messages.  They look like crazed notes from a conspiracy theorist, or the uni-bomber.

Emerging literacy aside, my brain is fried from sacrificing myself for my children's health by eating their chocolate after they went to bed.

Today should be a national day of mourning for all the teacher's trying, against all odds, to teach hung over children anything on this day of sleep deprivation and sugar comas extraordinaire.


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Unknown said...

you make me feel better about reading my 4 year old "the owl and the pussycat". Derrick says the P word, in the context of modern society is inappropriate. I say it will take more than a bucket full of pervs to ruin my love of that Edward Lear poem.
What does this have to do with your post? I guess it was "Emerging Literacy"...maybe I've had too much candy.

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