Dreamy Concert Grands

November 13, 2011 by Rieshy

This morning as I was pouring a cup of coffee my 17 year old rounded the corner already dressed for her part time job.

My daughter is a pianist and plans on majoring in piano. At school she plays on Steinway Grands. Alas, at home it's just a Craig's list fussy upright piano- the kind whose purpose is usually limited to acting as a 350 pound holder of doilies and framed cat photos.

She practies at school instead of home a lot, even though it means she has to drive in to work with my husband at 5:45 a.m.

Seeing her triggered my memory of a dream I had had in the night; I was listening to her play but she was frustrated with our little upright- when I suddenly remembered that our concert grand was out on the covered back deck, we had merely forgotten it was there.

My husband quickly got some power tools and cut a hole in the dining room wall so he could slide the grand piano back into the house. Problem solved, and the finish on the Steinway Grand was only a little dulled by it's 3 months outside.

My psychology-class-taking-college-student-son, who was perched on a stool eating breakfast while I recounted my dream, commented that Freud would call the dream wish fulfillment, but that Freud's system of dream analysis has been thouroughly discredited and was never based on actual research anyway.

So, I'm thinking if Freud has been thoroughly discredited I need to check the back deck quickly, before the finish dulls even more.

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Melanie said...

Any luck!?!

Rieshy said...

I must be looking on the wrong back deck.

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