Old Friends

August 16, 2010 by Rieshy

 In college I had a great pottery professor.  He was young and uber-talented with a young wife who oozed confidence and competence. While driving a small motorcycle, David was hit when a pick-up ran a stop-sign.  Patti and I talked on the phone in the first day or so after David's accident.  Patti told me to go hug and love my husband (and to let go of pettiness) because I could never know how much time we had to be together.

Her husband had a long, long road to recovery, but he made it- they made it.

Over the years, I've often thought of that conversation.  That conversation was a gift for my attitude and for my marriage.  I'm sure she's never known how many people watched her during that time period and how many were blessed by her strength and faith in the midst of their personal trial. 

About two years ago my husband tracked down David and Patti in order to surprise me with one of David's porcelain platters as an anniversary gift.  I love, love, love, David's artwork.

Patti was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Pray for her. Visit her "shiny new" blog, Someone Wake Me Up.

Laugh with her- this great post with the t-shirt photo almost did me in!  This photo captures perfectly the idea of enjoying the moment at hand.  (Pun intended.)

It seems to me that during this new trial, Patti's already blessing people again. 

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JoAnn said...

That shirt is HILARIOUS!

I wish I was good at pottery...it's like therapy. How wonderful to have those people in your life, truly a gift.

Fiorella said...

I loved the link. I particularly liked the mother and child pottery because it reminded me of my Sister, who lives by the ocean and has long blowing hair, with one of her little ones. And Patti has a great sense of humor - she's definitely a su per-star!

Studio JRU said...

What a wonderful story. Such a blessing to have had someone pass through your life like that and leave such a powerful and awesome gift. How neat that you were able to reconnect! :)


Melanie said...

Two things. First, I just love that you had a pottery professor in college! Second, thanks for connecting me with Patti's blog! I am following her and praying for her.

keLi said...

how amazing -- the way tragedy touches a friend and we are the ones who change.

i'm walking this too, and i loved this post. and i needed that t-shirt laugh...

B. Meandering said...

I have had 3 close friends lose their husbands in their fifties, so I cherish time with mine even more(we're 56). A reality check, for sure.
I love pottery, but haven't ever taken a class. Lucky you.
I smiled wide at the shirt. I have found that my sense of humor has made taking life's lessons easier. It looks like your friend has plenty of humor.
I will lift her up in prayer.

Elizabeth said...

What a much needed reminder to "let go of the pettiness." Thank you for sharing this story, and prayers be with your friend.

Between You and Me said...

praying for your friend....can't wait to head over and check out her blog...

always love your posts!!!

Dayle said...

What a beautiful post. So needful.

I'd love to have you link up with my Simple Pleasures series some Thursday. The linky is activated on Wednesdays at 9PM CST.

Patti said...

Wow, what an humbling thing to read. Thank you so much for posting this, Susan. I've had several very sweet comments from your readers, a great encouragement, for sure.

Had my 1st chemo yesterday and took off work today, but so far so good. No nausea, etc. Praying it stays that way.

Love to you all.

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