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August 12, 2010 by Rieshy

Yesterday after school my two teen-aged daughters went fishing.  

I don't know what they were using as bait.

This is what my 14 year old caught.

The kitten was alone and crying by the lake.  It's mom and siblings MIA.  My daughter's kind heart couldn't bear leaving the poor thing.  

Drat  Bless her kind heart.

It made it through the night. I wasn't sure it would.

Funny how we want to raise our children to be compassionate but find it inconvenient when they practice compassion.

It's name is Wesley... or Anne.

It's the biggest fish my girls have caught all year.


Melanie said...

Too sweet!

Unknown said...

YAY! A kitty!!!
we were looking at pets for my son (who will only be three, so I think we'll stick to toys this year), and I really want a cat. Derrick hates cats. He wanted to get him a bearded lizard dragon. thing. ew.
I think not.
Sadly, Q voted for the lizard. Like I said, I think we'll stick to toys. This is all to say, I wuv dat kiddy. AWWWWwwwww.

lesliel said...

It looks like an Ewok! Cute!

ReneeK said...

Too cute, but time consuming. So, are you planning on keeping the kitten?

Rieshy said...

My husband has an ban (in-perpetuity) on indoor pets. So "we" (as in me) are not keeping it, but my daughter is keeping it as an outside pet.

It is cute. I sat and snuggled it while drinking coffee on the front porch this morning. Our guess it that it had been recently dumped by the lake. It's way too healthy and tame to have been from a feral litter.

Unknown said...

HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! Hunter climbed in the car with it and it was back in your daughter's hands in mere seconds. I'm glad we will still enjoy visitation rights. :)

Cheeseboy said...

That catfish actually has fur!

They probably used tuna for bait.

Alexandra said...

Oh my gosh! That is the smallest youngest kitty I've ever seen. Thank goodness your daughters came along b/c he is so little...

Unknown said...

Cats lie, Rieshy. Don't forget.

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