Little Responsibilities

August 26, 2010 by Rieshy

After my oldest son mowed my lawn last night I heard Little Man exclaim with exasperation, "Who made this big mess?"
Untidy sidewalks and grass clippings must have preyed on his mind all night. 

This morning around 5:55 a.m. I heard an unauthorized opening of the front door. I went to investigate and this is what I saw.

 Little Man, hard at work.

Take charge personality at age 2.

Imagine how hard it was to explain that he could not, in fact, bring the grass clippings inside, through the living room and then on to the kitchen garbage.  
Mom is so frustratingly arbitrary.


Fiorella said...

What a fabulous little guy! My husband has a "mulching mower" which I think is manspeak for "mowing with no picking up" and we could really use your son at our house...!

Melissa said...

That is adorable! Hayden doesn't like the mess left by yard work either. He wants it swept back on the grass. It's quite amusing.

Unknown said...

sigh. what a sweetie pooh.

I just realized (thanks to a survey I read), that MY two (almost 3) year old is spoiled. Boo.
Now I must crack down. I will call it success when he sweeps stuff up on his own accord.

Cheeseboy said...

No matter how hard I try, I CAN NOT train my boys to do that.

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