Unfair on a Feel Good Friday

August 13, 2010 by Rieshy

Life is not fair.  I know this because my 18 year old son had no cavities today yet my 16 year old daughter had several.  Guess which one of them has, from the earliest age,  been meticulous about brushing teeth?

When you have a million children you don't take them to the dentist all at once.  You stagger.  Which means that the final report card on how good a mother you are can take a whole month.  My report card?  2 cavities out of 7 mouths. 

Do I really think cavities are a reflection of my parenting worth?  No.  Except when I'm sitting with the hygienist and she is explaining that she can tell my 8 year old child has not been brushing well and my child blurts out, "That's because I lost my toothbrush at Grandma's house in May.  Remember Mom?  I kept telling you I needed a new one."  Then I do feel a teensy bit like, the Worst Mother In the World- Grade F.

The dentist's secretary gave my son a sword-shaped balloon and then put a sign on my back that read: Warning this mother failed her children in dental hygiene 101.  

That's o.k. because today's feel good for Feel Good Friday is the immense laugh I had when relating my dental-tale-of-embarrassment to my husband. 

Life really, really, isn't fair.   The 8 year old, despite his almost 2 month brushing hiatus, also had no cavities.


Unknown said...

i have a big F because I haven't gone to the dentist in Oh forever. I haven't had a cavity yet, and I just don't feel like going, and finding a sitter, etc. because, um, yes, I'm a failure.

dollycas aka Lori said...

Oh no, I never had a cavity until I WAS 40 and I was a horrible brusher/flosser my children all have cavities and so does their dad and they all brush and floss, some better than others. It is no reflection on your parenting at all!!! I haven't been to the dentist in years, insurance only covers so much so the kids go regularly, Dad and I go only if we have to.

Are you kids happy 51% of the time, if so your are an excellent parent!!!


Aiming4Simple said...

I could totally relate to this story. Some things inevitably fall through the cracks. This is why I don't feel ready to have more children, blessings though they are.

Amy said...

We haven't even been for a while (much longer than the 6-mo. recommendation!). I can relate to your story.

CB said...

That made me laugh. I have 5 kids and while most are great with their teeth, braces, etc...my youngest is just the worst. He is 10 now but when he was 8 I think he came out of the dentist with like 8 cavaties - I was floored and I definately had to pull the "Mom Card". It has been much better since but I couldn't help wondering "Was it my fault" - Oh fun stuff!
BTW I found your blog from a friends blog and loved the name and now love the blog...I am your newest follower!

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