Barb and Boys

July 3, 2009 by Rieshy

At the pool yesterday Samuel, the 18 mos. old, had his first ever encounter with a Barbi Doll. 

He was splashing in the water near a little girl when he spotted the naked (of course) Barbi bodies lying in a heap at the edge of the water. He moved in nonchalantly to position himself and tried to help himself to the little girl's toys. 

 I moved in and reprimanded him for taking something that didn't belong to him. The little girl's helpful mother turned and said, "Oh, he can have one."  She plopped a redheaded Ariel barbi into Samuel's hand.

While the helpful mommy was watching, Samuel took the doll in one hand and with an amazed expression made an "oooohhh" sound. Then he sat in the water simply enraptured and stared, awed, at the doll. 

 He continued to stare for a socially unacceptable, disconcertingly, and embarrassingly long moment. Finally, he looked up at me and said something in Baby Language and then returned to staring, awed, back at the doll. 

 When he reached up to touch the doll's breasts, still awed, I was reminded of the debate among archeologist and art historians over the purpose of the "Venus of Willendorf" and other early fertility sculptures.

Duh, just ask my 18 mos. old son.

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lesliel said...

He was saying, "GI Joe does NOT have these!"

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