July 8, 2009 by Rieshy

 "Fail" is the name of a popular Internet meme where users superimpose the word "fail" or "epic fail" onto compromising photos or short videos.[1]The meme is widely believed to have come from the arcade game Blazing Star. When the player loses, the message "You fail it! Your skill is not enough! See you next time! Bye bye!" is shown.[2]

This wiki entry was my day.  We sent our oldest child, a 17 yo son, off to Guatemala for a three week intensive lanugage school, studying, you guessed it, Spanish.  He is such a great kid and has turned into a great, shall I dare say, adult.  A seriously fun to raise child, except for a brief time when he was 6 and inexplicably wanted to spit everywhere.  This trip is a big deal for him and for my husband and I.  A day of independence for him and a day of letting go for us.  I had so many images of a happy, maybe even tender farewell, images of my husband and I praying with him before they drove off, taking photos as they left.  Not.

Instead there was the small problem of his debit card being cracked, which we only discovered on Monday morning.  Then there was waiting for the new one (which we paid $25 stinking dollars to have expeditied), then there was the mix up with the PIN.  Instead of happy family photos around Dad's car there is Mom, still in her night gown, in the driveway saying in a screetchy, unpleasant voice, "What do you mean you don't remember your Social Security number...."  All while inside the 18 mos old is tirelessly unpacking the momentarily unguarded suitcases.

At least it may take him longer to be homesick.

Fast forward to the pool (let's just skip the crying jag), we are having fun.  The older kids are enjoying being with friends and I'm starting to relax.  Jack and Sam are jumping off the edge of the pool into about 6 inches of water in order to show off for a random cute little girl and her mom.  Suddenly little girl's mom stiffens and moves little girl away.  Always a bad sign.  Jack has vomited into his Spiderman swimsuit.  Luckily the suit is one of those body suits with floats inserted into it, so the vomit is all caught neatly and disgustingly in an indentation around the neckline.  I whisked littles out and away.  Jack's blood sugars were fine, not great, but fine.  No idea why he threw up.  He could have just swallowed some water when I wasn't looking.  He's fine.  We are home taking it easy.

I just hate this illness.  I hate it for Jack.  I hate it for the other kids.  I hate it for me.  I hate the way it ambushes us when I least expect it.  It ambushes, gives an adrenaline rush and then 98% of the time nothing happens.  I give some carbs and protien and everything is fine.  Then I'm stuck with a bunch of adrenaline, feeling foolish and slightly crazy.  The alternative is worse.  The 2 % of the times that carbs don't work means the hospital, and pain, and more fear, and interminable waiting.

"You fail it!  Your skill is not enough!  See you next time!  Bye Bye!"


lesliel said...

You are a great mom - you are my hero!
We need to have coffee sometime - it has been way too long.

Melanie said...

The good news is, unlike the arcade game, you're not alone in your adventure. You have a great husband, friends, kids and most importantly your God who will sustain through whatever comes your way. Thanks for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. We all have those days!

Rieshy said...

Leslie, I think it has been 7 years! Coffee would be great.

lesliel said...

Call me - all my contact info is the same as it was 7 years ago....

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