False Economies

July 7, 2009 by Rieshy
Like most people I know, money is tight for us right now.  My last electric bill was a good $80 higher than I expected... eeek.  Therefore we've not been using the air-conditioner.  Windows open, ceiling fans going.  It's been great.  I don't have to get bent out of shape every time my littles dawdle as they go in and out, which they do all day long.  I can hear the birds and feel the breeze.  Until today.  Today not so great.  Today we had normal Tennessee weather for the first time in a week.   It reached 90 degrees in the house by 5:00 p.m. and that doesn't factor in the humidity.  

I can deal with it.  I'm cranky, my kids are avoiding me by going outside to cool off.  Fine, we are saving money,  they are getting exercise and fresh air, I'm getting alone time, it's all good.   Except that Jack can't eat when he's hot, which means I couldn't get his medicine in him at dinner.  Which means that I've got to keep him up later until I can get it in him, which of course means tomorrow will be iffy.  I'm so prone to tunnel vision that I forgot about this small detail.  Hmmm, cost of crisis versus air-conditioner?  

As Forrest Gump would have said;  "I'm not a smart man, Jenny."  Except of course I'm a woman.  An overheated, frizzy haired, sweaty woman that just shut all the windows and is waiting for the air-conditioner to catch up.

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