Schedules and Stirring

July 25, 2009 by Rieshy
I'm sitting here surrounded by train track.  The Train Track was picked up last night at least twice.  However, it was not put under armed guard and stored secretively in the toy closet.  At some point Samuel hijacked the container and re-stirred it out onto the floor, without me noticing.  

Everything within climbing distance in my home is picked up and redeposited elsewhere, all day long.  Thus a full household Stirring occurs every 6 hours. I think that should be the official job description of toddlers,  Stirrers. 

I'm getting ready to start thinking about, thinking about school starting again.  I've got to get back on a schedule of sorts.  The older kids and I had a steering committee meeting about our schedule for the rest of the summer. Kind of a "Flylady" meets "Managers Of  Their Homes" moment.  Hopefully the kids all felt like they got the jobs they like best -or at least dislike the least.  We'll see.

The only really strict schedule we have right now is posted on the fridge to be used for Hospital Days.  It's been worth it's weight in gold.  We don't have family in town, and let's face it, the ordinary civilian is not equipped to invite 6 children over.  So when Jack is in the hospital the kids have detailed job assignments and a schedule to give structure and during the school year to keep the school work moving.  Our own personal "No Child Left Behind".

Oh, lovely.  Samuel and Jack just brought me a stack of clean cups from the dishwasher.

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