July 27, 2009 by Rieshy
Gum chewing used to be outlawed in our family because my husband was a museum curator.  He hates gum.  He still thinks it is revolting.  However...

Jack used to drool, a lot, all the time.  It's o.k. as an infant, not so o.k. as a toddler, really not o.k. as a young child.  Jack's drooling is just part and parcel of low tone and low energy from FOD.

The combo of frequent high carbs and his carnitine and MCT oil have really helped.  However, drinking with a straw and gum chewing are what really developed his oral muscles.  We now chew gum a lot.  Though out of respect to my husband we make herculean efforts not to let gum go anywhere but well-wrapped in a tissue and into the kitchen trash.

At church last night, the young children were called forward to sit on the front stage and listen to a short sermonette, sing a couple of songs and then receive a sermon-sucker (a.k.a lollypop) for their efforts.  The suckers are why my littles like to go forward.

All the kids were quietly lining up as the speaker handed the suckers out.  Except Jack.  He stood up on the stage and hollered, "Mom, I need to spit out my gum!" Then he jumped off the stage and ran down the aisle loudly repeating his need to spit out his gum.  I'm holding a cranky 18 mos old while desperately searching for a spare tissue.

Too late, Jack reached me already making a spitty sort of face.  What's a Mom to do?  I held out my hand and he spit his gum into my palm.  Back up the aisle he ran, just in time to get the last sucker.

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lesliel said...

Just another joy of motherhood!

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