A Break

August 12, 2009 by Rieshy
I'm more of an idea person.  Or so I like to think, in order to justify my hatred of and incompetence with paperwork.  I learned to hate paperwork as a child listening to my Dad do our taxes.  I can still visualize the small card table pulled out each year and piled high with papers.  There sits my father for hours on end grumbling like a small avalanche. It is one of my most tangible early memories, probably etched the more firmly because my birthday is April 16th.  

Right now I have a lot of joyless paperwork to do.  Taxes, insurance forms, school forms, dual enrollment forms for my 12th grader.  Speaking of dual enrollment forms, silly me logged onto my son's Mac not noticing it was in the Window's application.  Said application is not yet connected  with the home printer network.  Why on earth, when filling out an "online" application, should I need to print and sign and MAIL a hardcopy of my signature on a  $10 application fee?  Argghhh!  

Why are the details so amazingly hard for me to deal with? Paperwork makes me mean.   Paperwork is pushing me to the brink, that yawning chasm of joyless insanity is calling me.  I'm pretty sure insane people don't have to do paperwork.  

I took Luke's saxophone to Nashville to be repaired in an attempt to escape my paperwork.  In comparison driving in rush hour traffic was a welcome break.  Once there I had to parallel park for the first time in 12 years.  One try and Utter satisfaction.  A small sort of accomplishment.

In the music repair shop I waited while an elderly gentleman dressed in shabby janitorial clothing tried out his newly repaired sax.  His saxophone looked like it had been passed through the intestines of an elephant.  I've truly never seen such an ugly instrument.  I think it had moss growing on it.  And then... the sounds that came out of that squashed, dull, beat up sax were nothing short of pure and utter Joy.  A 60 second vacation.  Too bad sound doesn't photograph well on my camera phone.

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